Anderson Development offers new polyurethane products: Andur CL Products

Anderson Development is now offering LFTDI prepolymers based on a polycaprolactone backbone.  These new prepolymers have enhanced hydrolytic stability over a standard polyester prepolymer as well as being lower viscosity.  They give 1.5 to almost 3 times the split tear strength and nearly equivalent resilience of a PTMEG-based prepolymer of the same hardness.   This makes them a good choice in cases where the properties of a polyester are needed, but also the good hydroly17tic stability and improved dynamic performance of a PTMEG.


Andur CL 6-0 APLF
%NCO = 3.1%-3.6%
Hardness = 57A-63A

Andur CL 9-0 APLF
%NCO = 4.45%-4.85%
Hardness = 88A-92A

Andur CL 5-5 DPLF
%NCO = 6.4%-6.8%
Hardness = 53D-57D



Interested in our products? Please contact us for more information.


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