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Real Life Experience at Anderson Development Company

Do you remember what it was like when you were in high school or college and you were trying to figure out what you wanted to be when you graduated? Do you remember thinking you knew what you wanted to do but just wasn’t sure? This is probably the case with most high school and […]

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Better Products Start in Adrian with Anderson Development

Anderson Development Company (ADC) is a chemical manufacturing facility that produces specialty and custom chemical products. It is often hard for those in our community to understand exactly what we do here since we don’t make something people see on a store shelf with our name on it. We actually do a lot of really […]

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GHS Implementation at Anderson Development Company (ADC)

What is GHS? The GHS is an acronym for The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals. It was created by the United Nations and designed to replace diverse classifications and labeling practices used in different countries with a consistent and universal criteria that can be used on a global level. GHS is not […]

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Anderson Development offers new polyurethane products: Andur CL Products

Anderson Development is now offering LFTDI prepolymers based on a polycaprolactone backbone.  These new prepolymers have enhanced hydrolytic stability over a standard polyester prepolymer as well as being lower viscosity.  They give 1.5 to almost 3 times the split tear strength and nearly equivalent resilience of a PTMEG-based prepolymer of the same hardness.   This makes […]

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Anderson Development Company Attends the American Coatings Show

April 8-10, 2014 Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The American Coatings Show is the leading science and technology event for the paint and coatings industry in North America providing innovative solutions for the industry. Those attending the 2014 show can look forward to a diverse program of high-level technical papers, providing a perfect […]

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Meet Dr. Malgorzata Myslinska

Malgorzata, who primarily goes by Gosia, joined the company in 2009 as a Research Scientist for the Corporate Research and Development (R&D) Group. Gosia was born and raised in Poland. After she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Gdansk University of Technology in Poland she went on to get her PhD […]

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Boron’s Compounding Value

Boron as an element is by no means a major contributor to the Earth’s mass. This is somewhat surprising given the variety of uses boron possesses and how it plays an important role in some of today’s most vital operationsand economies. The applications of boron in organic chemistry are really impressive and it is beyond […]

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Choosing the Right Material for the Job

Choosing the right polyurethane product for your application can be an overwhelming process. With so many different types of applications, practically no two applications are the same. The trick is to figure out what material properties are the most important, while at the same time keeping price and processability in mind. Polyurethane (PU) elastomers are […]

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A Better World through Chemistry

Chemical Companies Misunderstood In today’s modern world, chemical companies are often viewed in a harsh, negative light. Many of these negative perceptions were created in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when public distrust of chemical companies was at an all-time high. In 1965, 55% of the public held a favorable opinion of chemical companies. […]

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Anderson Development Company Develops New Urethane Product: Andur 73 DPLF (FDA)

Andur 73 DPLF (FDA) is a prepolymer intended for parts that need to have approvable dry food contact status.  It is a low free TDI PTMEG-based material. It can be cured with any typical diamine curative such as Curene 442 (MBOCA) or Curene 107, but it’s primarily intended to be cured with Versalink® 740M.  The […]

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