The Business of Chemistry: By the Numbers

Chemistry is essential to our economy and plays a vital role in the creation of ground-breaking products that make our lives and our world healthier, safer, more sustainable and more productive.

What many people don’t know, is just how impactful the business of chemistry really is in our own state of Michigan, our country and our world.

Have you used your cell phone today? Laptop? Drank your coffee from a mug or worn a bicycle helmet? If so, you, along with millions of consumers around the world, have touched the product of chemistry.

The contributions of the business of chemistry go beyond everyday household items. Chemistry is a driving force behind the growth and expansion of the U.S. economy, and the potential for future economic growth of our industry is exponential.

More than 96% of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the business of chemistry. The business of chemistry is a $797 billion Enterprise providing over 810,000 skilled, good paying American jobs—pretty amazing, right?

Did you know that in Michigan alone…

-Chemistry is the 5th largest manufacturing industry at $16 billion

-Chemistry in Michigan provide nearly 30,000 direct jobs and 28,000 related jobs

-Generates $2.3B in payroll across 387 establishments

-Michigan is the 15th largest chemistry producing state and wages are 25% higher than the average manufacturing job.

Taking an even closer look within Michigan—Anderson Development Company is located within southeast Michigan. Some major cities in this region is Adrian, Coldwater, Hillsdale, Jackson, partsMichigan of Lansing, Monroe, Saline and Tecumseh.

Within this area of Southeast Michigan, the business of chemistry employs 2,614 individuals and pays $211M in wages. The average wage within the business of chemistry is $80,506—71% higher than the state average.

Why are all of these numbers important? There is a renewed competitiveness in America’s chemical industry. This is helping to create jobs, grow payrolls and generate new tax revenue which is affirming the chemical industry’s role as the cornerstone of our country and state’s economic future.

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How Does Anderson Development Company Stay Competitive With Big Companies?

Anderson Development Company is a pretty small company and many may think we aren’t very competitive. However, about 30% of our products are actually exported, which puts us on the map in regards to competitiveness. How do we accomplish this? By focusing on our customers.

  • Listening: Listen to what the customer need in order for them to be successful and following through for them. The big competitors often won’t listen to what their customers really need.


  • Flexibility: Different customers require different things. The big competitors often wont’ adapt to them. Years ago, Henry Ford told people that they could have any color car they wanted as long as it was black. This approach no longer works, but some bigger companies still think like this!


  • Responsive: Big dinosaurs can’t move quickly! By being responsive, we can move much quicker. We need to have the products they need, when they need them and how they need them!


  • Personal: We can offer our customers a warm, personal experience rather than just being a number. We help our customers solve their problems and give them a good experience. Customers will remember this!


  • Trustworthy: Our customers need to trust us and have faith in us. As a smaller organization, we act ethically and consistently in how we treat our customers. There is no room for error here.



We will always have challenges, but Anderson Development Company strives to be structured and disciplined so that we are sustainable. By being sustainable, we are able to take care of our customers long-term–therefore we are taking care of our People (safety), the Planet (environmental) and Profit. These are all essential. Our focus on our customer and the products they depend on is what defines us.

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Bringing Better Products to Life Through Innovative Specialty Chemicals

Bringing better products to life

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Each Piece Matters! Stepping it up for Recycling at Anderson Development Company

Each Piece Matters!

Stepping it up at Anderson Development

After having such a successful Household Hazardous Waste Day this year, we are keeping with the recycling theme and implementing a paper recycling program here at Anderson Development Company.   Employees have already seen, or will be seeing recycling containers popping up in offices and around the facilities. Orecyle canur amazing cleaning crew will be emptying them for us.  Paper recycling is something minimal we can do to make a huge difference in our community.  Here is just an idea of what we can accomplish here at Anderson:

Recycling one ton of paper:
Saves 4,100 kWh of energy
Saves 9 barrels (380 gallons) of oil
Saves 54 million Btu’s of energy
Saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space
Saves 60 pounds of air pollutants being released
Saves 7,000 gallons of water
Saves 17 trees

I want to say thank you for participating in making our Earth a better, cleaner place.  Every little bit helps and we want to make sure that this whole “Earth” thing is around for a little while!  Below are some tips on paper recycling; as well as locations for recycling drop off, tips and stats.  I want to personally challenge everyone to bring these recycling habits into our homes as well.  Each piece matters!

Paper Recycling Tips:

  • Recyclable paper includes: Magazines and catalogs, telephone books, direct mail, brochures, pamphlets and booklets in addition to cereal, cake, chip and cracker boxes.
  • Be sure to remove the liner and all food from the box, flatten the box and place flattened box in a paper sack with your junk mail, mixed paper, magazines and catalogs.
  • Non-recyclable paper includes tissue, waxed and carbon paper.


Recycling Centers:


Ann Arbor Area:

Toledo Area:


Recycling Stats and Tips (where I found some of my information):

Types of Recyclable Plastics:

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Technology in Motion, Paint it Forward: FOCUS 2016

Tish opening remarks at FOCUS 2016 3

Jeff Tish of Anderson Development and current president of Detroit Society for Coatings Technology introducing a key-note speaker for the FOCUS 2016 conference held on May 5, 2016.

Technology in Motion, Paint it Forward was the theme for the 2016 FOCUS conference. The meaning behind this theme is that coatings keep changing. FOCUS, an acronym for Future Of Coatings Under Study, is a premier automotive coatings conference held by the Detroit Society for Coatings Technology (DCST). Our very own Jeffrey Tish, of Anderson Development Company, is the President of DCST.

The coating industry is constantly changing. We must keep working to keep up, to catch up and to lead. There are advances in component design, substrates, coating chemistry, and legal requirements that continue to push change. New coatings are constantly needed to meet the needs for new projects and objectives. FOCUS allows those within the coatings community to come together to get the benefit from experts in the industry and collaborate with one another.

So what makes FOCUS so valuable? This question is easily answered. We can all benefit from the vision of others within the industry. While at FOCUS, attendees can listen to key-note speakers and meet innovators in raw materials, equipment, components, vehicles and other disciplines as well as networking with those who may open doors to possibilities. Each year, FOCUS draws over 200 local industry professionals, chemists and suppliers!

Important topics discussed this year were the advances in chemistry, applications and testing technology, corrosion inhibition, primer advances, substrates, 3D curing, pigment dispersion and many more. Air products, Akzo, Axalta, BASF, Eastman, Ford, PPG, Toyota and Howard & Howard were just some of the presenters from 2016 FOCUS conference.

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Mitsui Chemical’s Safety Day

April 22, 2012 an incident occurred at the resorcinol plant at Mitsui Chemical’s Iwakuni-Ohtake Works. An explosion occurred at 2:15 am claiming the life of one of their employees, along with injuring many employees and community members. Mitsui Chemicals Group has declared April 22 as “Safety Day” to make sure the explosion and fire that happened that day will never be forgotten and to pledge to conduct business activities with safety as a top priority.


But we must never allow our memory of losing Shouta Sunakawa, one of our own, to ever fade. I also want everyone to always keep in mind that our company lost the trust of society because of this accident, and that even four years later, we continue to be in the position where if we were to cause another accident like this, it would affect our survival as a company.

 Since becoming President of this company, I have continuously spoken about the fact that “safety is our highest priority” and that we must cultivate a safety culture in order to securely realize this.

 There are no easy tricks to cultivating a safety culture. It is also not something that can be done overnight. The entire company must return to the basics and steadfastly continue their safety activities in order to cultivate a safety culture. However, with safety, the results are everything. Once an accident occurs, all our efforts come to nothing. Last year, I used the analogy of mountain climbing to say that “We must have the resolution of someone attempting to climb a mountain to reach the highest peak, in our efforts to achieve the best results. I myself am committed to further promoting safety activities as the leader of this organization and I need the entire company to stay the course, work together and continue their steadfast efforts in safety.”

-Tsutomu Tannowa, President & CEO

Since the day of this incident, Mitsui Chemicals has implemented a wide range of safety activities and expanded the fundamental safety measures throughout the company. Tsutomu Tannowa has asked not only Mitsui Chemicals, but their subsidiaries and affiliates to think carefully about what you must do to ensure safety– as safety is for yourself, for your family, for your colleagues and for society.
Whether you are at home, driving your car, or at work, always keep safety as a top priority. Engraining safety into your daily habits will not only help protect yourself, but your family, friends, coworkers and community. While April 22 is declared “Safety Day” as a reminder of the worst possibly situation that can happen, let’s declare every day a safety day so that and incident like this will never occur again.



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Why Safety Matters: An Inside Look at How Anderson Development Company Prioritizes Safety

Your safety attitude probably dates back to when you were a child. Most of us were taught common safety practices at a young age such as looking both ways before crossing a street or not to play with matches. As adults, we are warned not to smoke, not to be out in the sun too long without sunscreen, use caution when operating tools, etc. Although these rules are common and well known, many of us may forget or ignore them from time to time.

At work, some employees neglect safety rules because they are in a hurry, think accidents won’t happen to them, they are tired, or they are careless and/or complacent. Each time an employee engages in unsafe acts, they are taking on a gamble-betting situation that an accident won’t occur. Here at Anderson Development Company (ADC), we are not willing to gamble our health, our lives, or the potential to cause harm to the community.

Anderson Development Company is an active and responsible member of the community in which we operate. We are committed to the protection of the environment, health, safety, and security of our employees and stakeholders. We will meet or exceed all requirements for compliance with regulations governing the operations of our facilities.

Employees of Anderson Development Company play an important role in ensuring safety in our manufacturing operations. We use training programs to ensure that operators are capable of safely operating equipment. Employees are empowered to shut down their process or take the necessary actions if they recognize an unsafe condition. ADC employs highly trained professionals as well. There are a number of elements involved in our process safety management systems including: planned preventative maintenance, process hazard analysis, pre-startup safety review, and management of change.

Anderson Development Company is committed to providing a safe working environment. ADC maintains an active Safety Committee, which meets to openly review, discuss, and improve our overall employee health and safety performance. In addition, all employees participate in our quality, environmental, health, safety, and security “near miss” reporting program which is communicated throughout our entire company to promote awareness and prevent future incidents. ADC employees also periodically participate in job safety analysis (JSA’s) reviews to identify and assess work place hazards

Anderson Development Company is also committed to ensuring the security of chemicals. This includes meeting all of the requirements of governmental agencies, such as OSHA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation, and the American Chemistry Council.

Why is all of this so important to us? It’s pretty simple. Anderson Development Company wants to provide a safe working environment for all employees and send them home in the same condition they came to work in. We want to serve our community in a positive way all while running a global business serving multiple markets and applications in order to make a difference. Creating a climate in our company that is safety focused is the first step in making it all possible.


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Anderson Development Company and Customer Work Together on Business Solution

Case Study Blog (2)

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How Engineering Students Get Real Experience at ADC-Part 2

Co-op Spotlight: Savannah Conklin

                Savannah Conklin is currently a junior at the University of Toledo College of Engineering. She is studying to be a Chemical Engineer.


ADC: Why did you choose to interview and accept a position at ADC?

Savannah: The idea of working at a small company really appealed to me. The fact that ADC has multiple types of products meant that I would learn how to work with a variety of engineering processes instead of specializing in one field. After interviewing with a former engineer from ADC, I knew the employees at ADC would be intelligent and fun to work with.

ADC: What did/do you like most about your co-op experience at ADC?

Savannah: Everyone at ADC was incredibly welcoming and took the time to explain how things worked for me. It was great being able to apply what I’ve learned in classes with real-life     situations. This experience has assured me that I chose a major that I will enjoy for a long time.

ADC: How as ADC prepared you for your future career as an Engineer?

Savannah: Rather than doing intern work such as “getting coffee,” ADC gave me projects that were related to my major. I had to think outside of the box and consider alternatives when something turned out different than expected. Classes teach the chemical and mathematical portions of chemical engineering, but in an actual chemical plant you also have to consider the safety and budgeting sides. ADC provided me with great experience I hope to carry on during my next co-op sessions and into my career.

ADC: What are your plans after college?

Savannah: After College, I hope to move somewhere warm and out of state for a couple of years before settling down near my hometown. Also, it’s on my bucket list to own a Great Dane, which could happen shortly after college.

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How Engineering Students Get Real Experience at ADC-Part 1

How Anderson Development’s Co-op Program Began:

Anderson Development Company (ADC) started a full time co-op program in 2007. The program was implemented when a graduate of University of Toledo’s College of Engineering began working as an engineer at ADC. He worked with the placement office at University of Toledo (UT) to establish the partnership with our company.  ADC and UT has worked together ever since, welcoming co-op students year after year.  ADC typically has a full-time engineering student on staff at all times working on various, value-added projects within our facility. Here at ADC, we allow our co-ops to be fully engaged in real life projects and they are an asset to our organization.

How Do We Select Our Co-ops?

Students attending the University of Toledo College of Engineering are required to complete a minimum of 3 co-op assignments in order to graduate. ADC attends a career fair every spring and fall at University of Toledo in order to speak with prospective co-op students and identify candidates we wish to interview. Interviews are scheduled on campus. Once all candidates have been interviewed, ADC decides who they will extend an offer to. University of Toledo is not very far from ADC, which makes it very convenient for students to be able to continue living on campus during their co-op assignments.

What Do We Look For in a Candidate?

Two ADC employees working closely with an Engineering Co-op.

Two ADC employees work closely with an Engineering Co-op.

Since students typically do not have much engineering or technical experience, it is hard to pick a candidate just on their GPA alone. Although it is an important factor, it is not the most important. How a candidate presents themselves at an interview, how much initiative, willingness to learn, and how we think they will fit within our company are also very important aspects. ADC wants to be sure that we pick a candidate that will fit well with our Engineering team so the co-op can get the best experience possible.


Check back, when we post part 2 of our blog which includes a spotlight on one of our Engineering Co-ops!

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