Toll Manufacturing

For companies seeking custom/ toll manufacturing in the US, Anderson Development Company offers advanced options that are highly efficient and cost effective.  We have been a leader in toll manufacturing for over 40 years with experience manufacturing specialty chemicals and resins for all industries from automotive to electronics, pharmaceuticals, and more.  Collaborating with our customers, we develop an integrated manufacturing process in which Anderson Development Company literary serves as an extension of your chemical plant which is evident by the fact that the average life of our toll businesses are >10 years.

Our Experience

Development at Anderson Development Company means to continuously improve our and your processes.  Bring your chemistry idea and technology to us, and we will help you optimize it.

We have experience with diverse processes such as batch reaction and purification through a range of processes like distillation, filtration, and other related processes.  We also handle a wide range of chemistries including acrylics, urethanes, organometallics, and much more.

Our Facilities

Anderson Development Company’s complete range of commercial production equipment includes agitated, jacketed, glass-lined, and stainless steel reactors ranging in size from 500 to 6,000 gallons with a full range of process support equipment. For scale up, our pilot plant is fully equipped with stainless steel and glass equipment, ranging in the size from 25 to 300 gallon capacity and with full utilities.

More Offerings

Anderson Development Company has an experienced and knowledgeable staff on site willing to take on a new challenge.  Our teams of engineers, chemists, quality specialists, and more work in collaboration to manufacture high quality product that meets your needs.

Our supply chain is well developed as we have a long-term relationship with many raw material suppliers.

We also offer a wide range of packaging.  Whether it is filling bags and super sacks or liquid filling stations capable of filling 5 to 55 gallon drums, we are able to do it.

Toll Manufacturing with Anderson Development

Anderson Development Company’s commitment to world-class manufacturing excellence is represented by multiple awards in the past years by various associations and industries leaders. We share the dedication of the American Chemistry Council and its Responsible Care initiative for protection of the environment, health, safety, and security.

While we produce a wide range of propriety products such as Almatex Acrylic Resins, Andur/Curene Urethanes, Almabor Boron Compounds, and Nitrogen Trifluoride, our toll manufacturing business is key to us.  Our reputation for customized, highly responsive customer and technical service gives Anderson Development Company an important advantage in the market.

Interested in working with Anderson Development?  Please contact us for more information.

Phone:  517-263-2121



Address:  1415 E Michigan Street, Adrian, MI 49221

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