AndurElite™ Overview

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The Performance that Matters!

For applications that require extra dynamic performance and abrasion resistance, the AndurElite™ prepolymer series is powered by the next generation of ultra high-performance aliphatic diisocyanate. It has a very linear and symmetrical structure with respect to the isocyanate groups, resulting in a highly crystalline hard-segment structure which provides ultra high-performance elastomer properties. Its "aliphatic" nature allows a light and color stable elastomer, which is exceptionally well suited for outdoor applications or for applications in extreme environments.

Key Applications

High Load Wheels and Casters

Roller Coaster Wheels

Elevator Wheels

Valve Seats

Seals and O-rings

Plunger pump parts

Slurry and mud handling equipment

Equipment Liners


Doctor blades

Bumpers and shock absorbers

Vacuum grippers

Roller Covers

Elastic couplings

Forklift tires

Agricultural equipment parts

Gaskets and Stripper rings

In-line skate wheels

Skateboard and scooter wheels

Improved Physical Properties

AndurElite PPDI TODI Vulkollan(NDI)
Hardness, Shore 93A 93A 93A 92A
Elongation, % 760 580 650 740
Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) 7400 (51.0) 6100 (42.1) 5000 (34.4) 7100 (53.1)
Split Tear, pli (kN/m) 490 (86) 400 (70) 440 (77) 310 (54)
Bayshore Rebound, % 68 68 57 62

For the Optimum Overall System

AndurElite PPDI TODI Vulkollan (NDI)
Physical Properties Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Dynamic Properties Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
UV Resistance (Yellowing) Excellent Yellows Yellows Significantly Darkens
Storage Stability and Handling Excellent Good Good Limited
Processing Ease Excellent Fair Good Short shelf life
Post Cure Processing Standard Standard Standard Complex

Durability / Crack Resistance (De mattia Flex Fatigue Resistance)

UV Stability- Yellowing Characteristics

Very little color change after Xenon testing. This stability opens the door for choice of colorants to be used in cast systems with little change over long term UV exposure


AndurElite™ series materials are powered by Fortimo technology. This technology, developed by Mitsui Chemicals, is based on new aliphatic diisocyanate called Fortimo™ 1,4-H6XDI (trans-1,4-hydrogenated xylylene diisocyanate).