Who Are We?

Many people ask me who we are. The answer is simple!

– A Specialty Chemical Manufacturer
– We make products that improve the performance of other companies’ products
– You may not know our name, but our products help to improve your life, from enabling life saving drugs that fight high blood pressure and breast cancer to the wheels on your car to the your favorite beauty products.
– We produce these materials by ourselves, in a way that is socially responsible, protecting the environment, and trying to protect our employees’ and our community’s health by placing the utmost importance on health, safety and the environment
– We strive to give our customers not just what they need in the product, but the best performance, technology, and service to make their products successful
– And we do it in an environment that empowers our people to succeed, which acknowledges their uniqueness and provides an environment in which we can all be challenged and in which we can all work in a productive, constructive environment to achieve our dreams!

And to make it all happen in a way that will survive, we do this in a way that is socially and economically competitive for a global business!!

Our customers span the globe, from the mega plants in Detroit, China, Frankfurt and India to the vibrant locales that span four continents and whose secrecy we protect. All of whom clearly demand the highest quality products with competitive products.

You see, it’s simple!!! (At least when we have the people, technology and culture that breeds success!!)

Every day we find a challenge and every day we learn how to improve and be more competitive!

That’s why I love my job and I look forward to my role in taking on the challenge to make our customers products better with my partners at ADC!!

Mark Kramer
President & CEO Anderson Development Company

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