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The "Development" in Anderson Development Company

Anderson Development Company (ADC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals, is an award-winning, innovative specialty and custom chemical manufacturer. We're committed to providing value-added solutions through our research and development capabilities.

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High Performance Materials


Anderson Development Company is committed to producing high performance materials to enable our customers to make the most competitive products. We provide these high performance, value added materials through research and innovation and by manufacturing to world class safety, quality and environmental  standards. Anderson Development Company offers a wide array of products to fit your needs. Our Almatex ® GMA Acrylic Coating Resins, Andur ® Urethane prepolymers and curatives, and Almabor® Boron Compounds are just three product lines that empower hundreds of applications world-wide, in markets as diverse as automotive coatings, adhesive, sealant, elastomers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and catalysts.  For more information, please contact us.

Did You Know?
Did you know that Anderson Development Company's founder, Amos Anderson, worked on a project with Albert Einstein?