A Comic About Almabor

Here is a fun comic regarding Almabor. Scroll down to read about the specialty chemical you need!


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Anderson Development Company Visits CPhI

Anderson Development Company, Pharma ExpoAnderson Development Company will be visiting CPhI Worldwide 2013, in Messe Frankfurt, Germany on October 22-24.

What is CPhI?

CPhI is the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event. Each year, CPhI hosts over 30,000 attendees from 140 countries and 2,200 exhibitors.

Why Attend CPhI?

Attending CPhI gives our sales and marketing team, as well as our scientists, an opportunity to meet face-to-face with international pharmaceutical companies. Since the pharmaceutical market is constantly changing, this gives Anderson Development Company a way to stay informed about the latest industry trends.

CPhI & Anderson Development Company

Anderson Development Company is known for its high quality boron-based (Almabor®) product line. Many Almabor ® products are currently used, or have been used, in the syntheses of active pharmaceutical intermediates.  Having representatives from our company at CPhI gives ADC an opportunity to meet with potential customers in the pharmaceutical industry and share with them how our products could work for their applications.

If you would like to meet us at CPhI and learn more about our organoboron portfolio, please contact

We look forward to seeing you in Germany!

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A History of Boron [Infographic]

Here is a timeline that maps out the history of Boron – infographic style!

Specialty Chemical Companies Boron Timeline

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Almabor: A Specialty Borate Ester

If you require specialty borate esters, consider Anderson Development Company (ADC), one of the world’s largest merchant producers of specialty borate esters.

We supply a broad-based product line, Almabor®, that includes: triisopropyl borate (TiPB), triethyl borate (TEB), tri-n-butyl borate (TnBB) and many more.

New offerings include boranes, amine boranes, dioxaborinanes, dioxaborolanes, biborate esters, trialkylaminoborates and boroxines.

High purity specialty borate esters can be used for manufacturing organoboronic acids and esters as well as organotrifluoroborates which have been utilized not only in a wide range of transition metal catalyzed reactions, for example Suzuki coupling, but also in other synthetically useful transformations.

In addition, ADC serves a diverse range of highly specialized industries with boron applications that include electronic chip manufacturing, chemical intermediates, catalysts, fuel and lubricant additives, adhesion polymers, liquid crystal manufacturing and more.

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Borate Products: A Product Development of Almabor TnBB

Below is an infographic explaining the product development of Almabor TnBB.             

borate products infographic

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Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Anderson Development Company’s Top Priorities:

customer service top priorities infographic list

To achieve total customer satisfaction, we will do our best to understand our customer’s requirements and meet those requirements at all times.

Customer Satisfaction

While customer satisfaction is one of the main aspects of our management system, our commitment extends beyond customer satisfaction. We will also strive to do everything right the first time and do our best to continuously improve. Improving our process efficiency and effectiveness is a primary importance to us as a business entity.

customer satisfaction list

Experience Means Quality

Our quality system is the result of our experience in supplying diverse industries. We work to consider the key quality system drivers and functions from each area in order to build a system to meet the requirements of our customers, to assure the highest quality products and services, and to use best practices from each industry. Our facilities and practices have been audited and accepted by:

•  Major pharmaceutical producers/innovators
•  Major semiconductor manufacturers and semiconductor supply companies
•  Automotive suppliers
•  Fortune 100 chemical manufacturers

experience and quality guidelines infographic list

Our Commitment

We are committed to compliance with requirements that relate to our business. We will set and review objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement in our management system. We will promote a spirit of openness with our key stakeholders, taking into account public and employee inputs. This includes communicating our values to all people working for or on behalf of the organization and ensuring it is available to the public.

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Anderson Development Company: What Does Development Really Mean?

Specialty Chemical ManufacturersAnderson Development Company (ADC) was founded over forty years ago, as a research and development company, with a focus on the development of new products.  Through years of innovative R&D, ADC has developed a solid line of specialty and custom chemicals created to improve everyday living, as well as decrease environmental impact.  Three of ADC’s top specialty chemicals include Acrylic Resins (Almatex), Polyurethanes (Andur), and Boron Compounds (Almabor).

Acrylic Resins

Acrylic Resins are primarily used in powder coating applications for metals.  Powder coating creates a very hard finish that is more durable than traditional paint, which is why it is used primarily for parts in the automotive industry.  Powder coatings can also be found on outdoor furniture, lawn and garden equipment, household appliances and architectural applications.  GMA (Glycidyl Methacrylate) acrylics are used in products which require weather durability, gloss, crystal clarity, chemical resistance, and smoothness.  Browse Acrylic Resins.


ADC’s Polyurethane product line serves a variety of applications as well.  Polyurethane is very versatile, being soft like rubber, as well as very rigid like plastic.  Polyurethanes are used for industrial wheels and rollers, as well as for roller skate wheels, and other recreational items.  They are also used in oilfield parts and mining.  Browse Polyurethanes.

Boron Compounds

Another of ADC’s products, boron compounds, is just as unique and versatile.  Many of ADC’s boron compounds are used in highly specialized industries, such as electronic chip manufacturing, chemical intermediates, catalysts, fuel and lubricant additives, and liquid crystal manufacturing.  Another key usage of boron compounds is in pharmaceuticals, including drugs used to fight cancer.

Many of ADC’s high purity specialty borate esters such as triisopropyl borate (TiPB), triethyl borate (TEB), tri-n-butyl borate (TnBB), can be used for manufacturing organoboronic acids and esters. TIPB is also used in reducing agent synthesis and in adhesion promotion. TEB also used in electronic applications. Organotrifluoroborates have been utilized not only in a wide range of transition metal catalyzed reactions, for example Suzuki coupling, but also in other synthetically useful transformations.  Browse Boron Compounds.

What “Development” Means

ADC is committed to the development, and continual improvement, of diverse and widely used specialty chemicals.  ADC constantly explores new applications of existing products as well.  To this company, the term “Development” means constant improvement and innovation in the field of chemical manufacturing, with respect for the environment.  That’s what Anderson Development Company stands for.

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Toll Manufacturing

For companies seeking custom/ toll manufacturing in the US, Anderson Development Company offers advanced options that are highly efficient and cost effective.  We have been a leader in toll manufacturing for over 40 years with experience manufacturing specialty chemicals and resins for all industries from automotive to electronics, pharmaceuticals, and more.  Collaborating with our customers, we develop an integrated manufacturing process in which Anderson Development Company literary serves as an extension of your chemical plant which is evident by the fact that the average life of our toll businesses are >10 years.

Our Experience

Development at Anderson Development Company means to continuously improve our and your processes.  Bring your chemistry idea and technology to us, and we will help you optimize it.

We have experience with diverse processes such as batch reaction and purification through a range of processes like distillation, filtration, and other related processes.  We also handle a wide range of chemistries including acrylics, urethanes, organometallics, and much more.

Our Facilities

Anderson Development Company’s complete range of commercial production equipment includes agitated, jacketed, glass-lined, and stainless steel reactors ranging in size from 500 to 6,000 gallons with a full range of process support equipment. For scale up, our pilot plant is fully equipped with stainless steel and glass equipment, ranging in the size from 25 to 300 gallon capacity and with full utilities.

More Offerings

Anderson Development Company has an experienced and knowledgeable staff on site willing to take on a new challenge.  Our teams of engineers, chemists, quality specialists, and more work in collaboration to manufacture high quality product that meets your needs.

Our supply chain is well developed as we have a long-term relationship with many raw material suppliers.

We also offer a wide range of packaging.  Whether it is filling bags and super sacks or liquid filling stations capable of filling 5 to 55 gallon drums, we are able to do it.

Toll Manufacturing with Anderson Development

Anderson Development Company’s commitment to world-class manufacturing excellence is represented by multiple awards in the past years by various associations and industries leaders. We share the dedication of the American Chemistry Council and its Responsible Care initiative for protection of the environment, health, safety, and security.

While we produce a wide range of propriety products such as Almatex Acrylic Resins, Andur/Curene Urethanes, Almabor Boron Compounds, and Nitrogen Trifluoride, our toll manufacturing business is key to us.  Our reputation for customized, highly responsive customer and technical service gives Anderson Development Company an important advantage in the market.

Interested in working with Anderson Development?  Please contact us for more information.

Phone:  517-263-2121



Address:  1415 E Michigan Street, Adrian, MI 49221

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Who Are We?

Many people ask me who we are. The answer is simple!

– A Specialty Chemical Manufacturer
– We make products that improve the performance of other companies’ products
– You may not know our name, but our products help to improve your life, from enabling life saving drugs that fight high blood pressure and breast cancer to the wheels on your car to the your favorite beauty products.
– We produce these materials by ourselves, in a way that is socially responsible, protecting the environment, and trying to protect our employees’ and our community’s health by placing the utmost importance on health, safety and the environment
– We strive to give our customers not just what they need in the product, but the best performance, technology, and service to make their products successful
– And we do it in an environment that empowers our people to succeed, which acknowledges their uniqueness and provides an environment in which we can all be challenged and in which we can all work in a productive, constructive environment to achieve our dreams!

And to make it all happen in a way that will survive, we do this in a way that is socially and economically competitive for a global business!!

Our customers span the globe, from the mega plants in Detroit, China, Frankfurt and India to the vibrant locales that span four continents and whose secrecy we protect. All of whom clearly demand the highest quality products with competitive products.

You see, it’s simple!!! (At least when we have the people, technology and culture that breeds success!!)

Every day we find a challenge and every day we learn how to improve and be more competitive!

That’s why I love my job and I look forward to my role in taking on the challenge to make our customers products better with my partners at ADC!!

Mark Kramer
President & CEO Anderson Development Company

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Anderson Development Company’s New Website

Welcome to Anderson Development Company’s new website.   We hope you find this website to be a useful introduction to both our company and our products.   We appreciate your visit and taking the time to learn a little bit more about us.   As a Specialty Chemical Company dedicated to Continual Improvement, we appreciate your feedback!

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