Almatex MT-2780

Family: Acrylic Resins
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Almatex MT-2780 is a solid, epoxy functional acrylic resin designed to be used as matting resin with wide ranges of polyesters. Unlike other matting resins in the market, Almatex MT-2780 offer lower resin melt viscosity for good coating smoothness. Depend on the selection of polyesters to be formulated with MT2780, wide ranges of gloss and surface textures could be obtained. Some examples of low gloss coating formulations using MT2780 and various polyesters are illustrated in two tables shown in next two pages of this product data sheet. The low gloss coatings based on this MT2780 give good batch to batch consistency, powder storage stability and good coating chemical, burnish resistance. The MT2780 based low gloss coatings should also offer good weather durability due to high acrylic ratio of acrylics in coating compositions. The coatings actual weather durability will also determined by the selection of polyesters.