QEHS&S Commitments

Anderson Development Company is a global supplier of innovative specialty chemicals. Continuously improving product quality, service, and overall value to customers is at the heart of our strategy. As an instrumental part of this strategy, Anderson Development Company has adopted ISO 9001 as our model for quality assurance and has obtained registration for the Acrylic Resin and Nitrogen Trifluoride processes. Anderson Development Company is committed to improving environmental, health, safety, and security performance. To demonstrate this commitment, ADC has obtained registration to RC 14001, an environmental, health, safety, and security management system standard.

Anderson Development Company Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (QEHS&S) Policy

At Anderson Development Company, we are committed to enhancing the "Quality of Life" for our employees and stakeholders through the continuous improvement of performance in:

  • health, safety and security
  • protecting the environment through pollution prevention
  • customer satisfaction
  • meeting regulatory requirements and other agreed upon commitments
  • and supporting Responsible CareĀ®